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jerricaJerrica, also known as JS is an R&B recording artist. At only 21 years old, Jerrica is already an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and professional Polynesian dancer and has received her ARCT Royal Conservatory of Music Diploma for Piano. Drawing on her love of Soul and R&B, her singing style is most influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, SWV and Lauryn Hill.   

Looking to capture the Hip hop vibe with her classical keys stylings, Jerrica teamed up with Getright Music to create her first studio album entitled "Another Era".  The album is refreshing as it showcases Jerrica's musical background on songs such as "You Can't Deny" but also shows her adaptation to R&B/Hip hop with upbeat tracks such as "Bad Boy" and "Tell Me What It Is".  The album is a long time coming, and Jerrica is the real deal. Combined with Getright Music there is no girl out there doing it quite like this now.



logic the topic

Logic the TopicLOGIC/L.O. was born in Kansas City, MO. His family moved to California when he was young, searching for a new start. In the next few years they moved around California, from Los Angeles to Long Beach. During this time Logic began to feel inspired by hip hop. He began freestyling, day and night, analyzing the environment and events surrounding him and searching for his own voice.

He would often ask his sister what she thought of his talent, as a way to measure his freestyling skills. She would encourage him to continue practicing, since he still had a long way to go. Her constructive criticism motivated him to improve his skills, practicing for countless hours. After some time had passed Logic went back to his sister and asked her to listen to his freestyle. Her jaw dropped in astonishment at how much he had improved. Her reaction helped Logic gain enough confidence in his skills to go out and rap around his neighborhood. He began rhyming on his block, where he earned the respect of some of his fellow emcees.

His intense focus coupled with his incredible work ethic ensures his success as a talented rising star.



getright producers

Miku & DJ Dom realized at a young age that their passion for hip hop would never fade. After finishing university, they partnered up to try & take things to the next level. Heavily influenced by producers like Dr.Dre, JD, The Hitmen, Kanye, Neptunes & Just Blaze they began working on their sound.







Darttny Charles was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Growing up in considerably one of the biggest music capitals of the world he couldn’t help but become involved. Darttny started just mixing and engineering for local groups but quickly became involved with production. Over the years Darttny has seemed to grow into a sound of his own and still growing as a producer. Still quite young at the age of twenty-two Darttny plans to be involved with many future get right projects and take hip hop to its next level.





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